Monday, October 4, 2010

Broken Promise!

I apologize...on my last blog, I promised that I would update it later that week, and I failed to do so. So...I apologize...please forgive me :o)

This job has taught me the importance of gratitude. Not to say that gratitude held no value to me prior to this year, BUT...sometimes, I don't think we realize how much we take for granted. How much we have readily available to us, but to others may be a luxury. A car. A house. Clothes. Shoes. Socks. Food. Friends. Education. Family. Self confidence. Computer. Television. Peace of mind. Glasses. Toothbrush.  Love. Mentors. Mail. Deoderant. Soap. Faith.

Over these past few weeks, I have a had a lot of ups, a lot of downs, seen the ins and outs of society and the way it operates, had some eye opening experiences, insightful conversations...altogether beautiful. This is all truly breathtaking. I wish I could step outside of myself and just watch my interactions with others, and truly capture the essence of the WHOLE PICTURE. I can only imagine! I really have to just, take a step back and take it all in.

I am so thankful for this experience and every single thing I've been able to gain from it. One of the most memorable experiences I have had thus far has been with an autistic student at a school I recently visited.
He came up to me, eyelashes wet, eyes red and puffy...I could tell he had been crying.
His teacher told me, "This is [Little Johnny], and he is autistic. He just about had a fit because he thought he wouldn't get to talk to you, he has something very important he says he wants to tell you."
I replied, "Hi [Little Johnny], I see you've been crying. I'm sorry I didn't get to call you to talk, but I sure would love to hear what you have to say now."
'Little Johnny' said to me:
"Miss Kentucky, you are beautiful. And I know I love you. You are so beautiful and you sing like an angel. I know I love you. You are the best Miss Kentucky. I want you to know. And Miss are the voice in my head. You are! I hear you, and you are the voice in my head."
I paused...I was taken...I did not know what to say to Little Johnny who had so eagerly poured his heart out to me... I said, "Me? I'm the voice in your head? Well...what kinds of things do you hear? Do I say good and positive things?"
Little Johnny simply said, "Yes. And I love you, and I want you to have this silly band to remember me by."

Who am I?!? Who am I that this beautiful child would say these things to me with such sincerity??? Who am I? I am just Djuan Keila Trent. I have this neat sash and shiny crown. I have these wonderful opportunities before me....I have been chosen to touch the lives of many, and I just feel...I feel so blessed to do it. I am so blessed.

Hey Leslie!
 I also went to my FIRST EVER college football game!!! It was madness!!! haha... living in Big Blue country is no joke I tell you! I was able to go to the UK vs. UofL football game, and had a good time! But seriously, I was so blown away by the extreme measures a lot of people took to show support for their team. Let me just say...Wildcats don't play...Cards don't either...but Wildcats fans really don't. Haha... It was all fun for me tho!

I have been doing some work with my platform, in case you all were wondering :o) Homelessness Prevention and Awareness: A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out. On September 15, in Louisville, Project Homeless Connect and Stand Down took place at Old Male High School, under the Salvation Army Banner. The event serves as a "one stop shop" for many needs of the homeless population. Some of the services included: vision screening, flu shots, state ids, social services, and some specially set up services for veterans. I had such a wonderful time there getting to know people and just listening to their stories. You'd be surprised how appreciative people are just to have a listening ear.
There will be another Stand Down in Lexington this month (October), come on down and help if you'd like!
Here's a video from Louisville's Stand Down, I'm in it :o)

And here are some pictures of all the excitement of September!!! And if there are any typos, my bad...I didn't proof read :o/

National Anthem at Kentucky Motor Speedway

Quest Community Church, Fame Contest

Little Mr. Kentucky, haha

Roots and Heritage Festival

Madison County Proclamation

Lexington Rescue Mission Banquet

VA POW/MIA Program

Getting EnergyFit with Joshie!

Red, White, and Blue Days

Go Team Yellow!!!

Signed my first forehead :o)

World Equestrian Games, coolest bus driver ever!

Ladies Night at the World Equestrian Games :o)

FEAT on the Street! Autism Awareness Event

Capacity Inc. Fashion Show

More pics on Facebook!!! Later :o)


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