Monday, July 26, 2010

Bling! Bling!!!

WHAT TO SAY?!? There is so much to say, I fear that I should be writing a book rather than a blog! But, a book would take much more time, and I want to share these moments as they come, so...a blog it is.

As calm and collected as I was arriving at the SAE House on Sunday, July 11, 2010....I could not help but to feel as though I was about to jump right out of my toasted almond skin!!! OH THE ANXIETY. It was like waiting for the season finale of Boy Meets World! You are think you know the ending, but then again, you just never know. Thankfully, there was never a dull moment leading up to "thee moment", because I had the most awesome roommate in the world who very strongly resembles Kelly Kapowski. I love you April Reinle. We quickly discovered that we both shared a love for sarcasm, beyonce, lady gaga, britney spears, will ferrell, and youtube. Needless to say, between the two of us, it was an interesting week. And of course there were new and beautiful friendships and bonds developed throughout the week. You hear people talk about that being one of the benefits of the program quite often, and it's very true. You meet people who share the same heart as you, the same interest as you, or perhaps not very many interest at all, but that is what makes you interested in each other! And being a "vet in the game" (haha..), I really do feel that I was able to be of help to some of the new girls this year, whether it was being a listening ear, talking to them, helping pick out earrings, or even exercising with milk jugs I really hope I was. I know I was truly blessed by you guys :o)
Sidebar: PLEASE continue to compete. EVERYONE. We really had a great group this year, lots of talent, personality, and potential. Whether you placed or not, take the good from this program, add a little salt (or Mrs. Dash's low sodium seasoning), and continue to make your dreams come true. I know that this year was a little rough, but DO NOT focus on those rough spots. This was a new year altogether. Lots of new things. So it was a learning experience for everyone. Look back on it, and focus on the things and people that really helped you grow.

"Make new friends, but keep the is silver and the other's gold..."

Although my shoes were a size two small, and I could not feel my big or pinky toes, my interview went well. I came out and did the running man, yes, the MC Hammer Dance. Oh, you want to know why I wore small shoes? Well, as my mother would say "Djuan Trent is gonna do what she wants." I found the perfect shoes online, that I simply could not find in the stores, and when I ordered what is normally my size, I quickly found out that at this store, it was not. I didn't want any other shoes, so I did what any shoe-loving girl would do, I wore them everyday for about a half hour around the house in an attempt to stretch them out. I really just did not want any other shoe! It all worked out okay. After competition, I gave the shoes to my friend who has a smaller foot than I, I know she is just loving them.

I really want to write about the crowning moment, and how I felt when my name was called, is so hard because...well, there are so many emotions felt in that one tiny second that it is almost as if there are no emotions felt at all. Perhaps it is a feeling of disbelief. Although that moment is really happening, and I was right there in it, it felt as though I was not there at all. Right after they called my name, and I was struck with the whirlwind of emotions, i tried to gather myself when I turned and saw Mallory and Jamie walking towards me with things like roses, and a crown, and a sash! Because, those are the things that you get when you win. And I believe I was stuck in awe once again, like, "oh! these things are for me!". I know that this is a very sketchy description, but really, I can't...there just aren't words...I just. Here: I know that I will never feel anything like it ever again in my life. It was a beautiful moment, and even moreso it was humbling.

After looking at the crowning moment pictures, I would like to applaud Mallory and Jamie and thank them, because it looks like I gave them a bit of a hard time trying to get my "things" situated :o)

I woke up on Sunday morning (July 18, 2010) and stared at the ceiling. And smiled. And stared. Looked over at my sash, crown, and big bouquet of white roses...and it still had not hit me that I was Miss Kentucky. It still has not hit me yet. But I'm sure it will hit me soon...or not. Maybe it will never hit me. This is starting to sound a bit abusive. But, you get it :o)

The first place I went when I left the Hyatt was to Ms. Delore's church. I call Ms. Delores my adopted grandmother. I met her at the Lexington Rescue Mission where I volunteer, and she has cared for me just as if we shared the same blood. She is just a blessing to me. I went to the church, and it was just amazing. I was called up to address the church, and as I was talking, I looked out into the congregation and there was not one face out there that was not glowing with pride. There were so proud of me, and it was just a beautiful feeling to have a group of people care for and support you like that! After church I was taking pictures with children and adults. Signing autographs on programs, fans, gum wrappers, just whatever people could find for me to sign, it was just so overwhelming, in a good way! I just thought to myself, "Little ole' Djuan Keila Trent, taking pictures and signing gum wrappers, making someone's day...I get to do this for a year!" How awesome is that?!? I made sure to post this picture of the little girls with braids and beads because I used to wear my hair in braids and beads when I was a little girl! I experienced a bit a of nostalgia when they came up to me, and I was glad that they were able to have this experience, because I know they will never forget it :o)

This past week, of being Miss Kentucky has been so lovely. So much more than I could have ever imagined. Besides that fact that I wore my sash almost everywhere I went last week, I feel like people know I'm Miss Kentucky. And that is how I know, I'm Miss Kentucky. Even when I don't have my sash or my crown pin on, I still feel like people know that I'm Miss Kentucky, and even if they don't know I'm Miss Kentucky, they know there is SOMETHING about me. It does not take a crown or a sash or a title for me to have that sparkle about myself. On the contrare, it is the sparkle that got me the crown, the sash, and the title. I feel as though I'm about to start getting all deep and teary over here, so let me wrap it up...

I have said it a thousand times before, and it will be a billion before the year is out, but, I am truly humbled and honored to be your Miss Kentucky 2010, and I will savor every single tiny little moment of it. Thank you all for your support, and your love, and your prayers, and your thoughts.

This entry is dedicated to my loving grandparents, TeTe and Sarge, who were unable to make it to the Miss Kentucky Pageant, but are just as proud of their Little Scooter (thats me), as they always are.

A few snapshots from pageant week and my first week as Miss Kentucky!

Who looks cheezier?

They told us to label everything that would be in the dressing rooms, so...I labeled EVERYTHING :o)

This is what happens in the midst of no sleep, too much caffeine, and gas leaks.

My family at the Lexington Rescue Mission.

Thank you Lexus of Lexington!!!

Hello little ms. baby goat...I'm Miss Kentucky :o)

Thank you for hangin' in there with me this week mommy! Love you!!!
Hope you enjoyed my first blog!

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  1. Wow, I just watched the Miss America Pageant and was really inspired by your story. You are a paradigm for young black women like myself.
    While you were singing A Change is Gonna Come, the screen flashed a memo saying that your grandparents wrote the song. Is that true?
    God bless in your future endeavors!